New York Fan Gala Count Down

Grand Central Terminal  |  2-7 pm, June 16, 2018

Apply now for your chance to win round-trip tickets from ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD to attend the New York Fan Gala!




Stylish Gift Assortments with The Essence of Hangzhou for All Guests!

World-class Performance by Lang Lang

A Chance to Win 2 Round-trip Tickets to Hangzhou with a 4-night Stay in The City.


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If you are a travel blogger or social influencer interested in joining our media tour to Hangzhou, contact us via email:

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Thank you for your interest in our event! Your submission is under review and the result will be announced shortly on our Facebook page, so please follow us & stay tuned! In the meantime, we have custom-made a travel route in Hangzhou for you to better explore the city! Hope to see you around town!

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New York Fan Gala

What to expect?

Come to enjoy world-class pianist Lang Lang's performance in New York Fan Gala!

Lang Lang

Exclusive Trip to Hangzhou

What to expect?

European Tour of Hangzhou
Philharmonic Orchestra
Philharmonic Concert

Calendar of the European Tour of Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra

2018.4.16 Athens, Greece
2018.4.18 Thessaloniki, Greece
2018.4.20 Sofia, Bulgaria
2018.4.23 Bucharest, Romania
2018.4.25 Belgrade, Serbia
2018.4.27 Pecs, Hungary

What to expect?



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